Critics and reviews

criticism and reviews of your artistic works are an integral part of what it means to be an artist. Without them you the artist may not know if you’re getting better or worse or if the art you’re creating is even going down well with your intended audience. 

The Main thing that people think when critics comes to mind is negative feedback, and while this can be true it may not necessarily be the whole truth. Not all criticism of your work will be negative. Looking beyond that which is indeed negative and finding the constructive and positive feedback is important to be able to further hone your craft. 

Having sent some of my own works of to be critique by industry professionals I have come to learn that the key to good reviewing of a body of work is for every good element highlight a negative. And to balance them out. If it’s more good than bad say so. One can only achieve greatness by analysing your short comings. 

A key to this review process in to have a close network of people who look at your work and ascertain whether or not its merits are of the standard you’re aiming for. This gives the enviable position of being able to vet your work prior to release. Something which is often done in major label funded work. Think of focus groups and that is what you’re aiming for. 

No feedback should ever be disregarded however and every opportunity should be taken to take onboard all communications regarding your work.


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