Jingle Production Timeline

For university we are currently recording “jingles” to accompany video.
here is my brief production timeline.
Week 9: Plan Jingles by sorting out composition, instrumentation and any additional artists. I’ll hopefully have the base composition sorted for the jingle I am getting started on.
I’ve recorded a quick demo for a film soundtrack I am going to do, and I will undoubtedly need to get a solid drum track down then overdub instruments. For the other jingle I am doing I will hopefully have all my instruments chosen and demo’s recorded and be ready to start those late week 9.

Week 10: Take the week to overdub any more instruments for my film soundtrack and get started on my other jingle, I am going to need to source some samples to go alongside one of my jingles, as well as potentially recording vocals for them. Hopefully though, i’ll have most of my composition and/or ideas recorded for each jingle by the end of week 10/early week 11.

Week 11: Upload some demo’s for feedback, finish off any more recording or composition I have to do, get stuck into mixing.

Week 12/13: Finish mixing, get feedback from facilitators and peers, make any last minute adjustments ready for presentation.


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