Freelance Work

For this blog post i’ll be talking about my up coming release on American Techno label Iq140 Records, which is due for release in two weeks from the publishing of this post. I’ll be talking about who iq140 are as well as my creative process for the ep and the requirements for it. as well as any further upcoming work i will be releasing with them.

Firstly who are iq140?
“iq140 Records is a record label run by St. Paul [Minnesota] -based producer and DJ M1KRONAUT. The label releases primarily techno music, but with a large range of styles varying from dark to minimal to melodic.”
They’ve released work by notable producers such as Byron Gilliam and Wendepunkt and enjoy support from techno artists such as UMEK and the Yellowheads.
So essentially i am working for the label to add to their growing list of releases. alongside this it gives me the chance to promote my work the international stage.

The timeline for this has been rather long. I produced an initial demo for the label called “Progress” over 4 months ago. That was then sent in to be evaluated for release. That was accepted and i was required to produce another 1-2 tracks to accompany the track.
the next two tracks, one was one i had produced a month or so prior to the initial demo. This track N.W.O, I set about cleaning up the arrangement and mixing it down further as my mixing skills had increased since that time.
Thereafter i found a track i made for a friends wedding called “Love & Fire”. this track was again cleaned up and submitted and approved.
The timeline after this has largely been waiting for the release as well as artwork and contract papers to go through.

Once i have received the preview stems for the masters i will embed them within this blog post.


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