familiarity and cross genre appreciation

I am back at university again. which means more blogs for the general public.
this weeks blog topic is having a look at genres or styles of music i am unfamiliar with and analysing them for production techniques i can cheekily requisition for my own work.

its hard to find a genre which i am not somewhat familiar with. as i’ve grown up i’ve been exposed to a lot of different styles from within my family as well as from friends and strangers. i’ve enjoyed over the years many different styles, and from my current standpoint musically i feel if i attempted to give some of them a try recording wise i would be able to get a basic grasp of the ideas behind them.
however, that would be a very basic attempt and i am not presumptuous enough to say that i can do things i am sure would be incredibly hard in actual practise.

Nevertheless, the genre i imagine would be the hardest for me stylistically to work with would be jazz and funk. whilst i enjoy the genres to some degree i find they aren’t “heavy” enough for my taste. that opinion in and of itself is controversial because it is an abstract concept applied to music which could very well feel that way to another person.
An example of the stuff from within the genres i enjoy would be summer madness by Kool and the Gang

i like this song for its impressive use of synthesis and the full band set up.
recording and getting the right vibe together would be incredibly hard. and i feel that something i could learn best from this type of music would be how to create space in a mix to accurately portray all the multitudes of frequencies present.

i will attempt it in my next track no doubt. and i’ll report back on how i go.




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