Project Management

For this blog post i’ll be looking at project management.

The projects i have to complete for university are somewhat wide ranging. i have my audio units as well as my CIU unit’s project to complete. however for the purpose of this blog post i’ll be focusing on my audio units.

For Audio we have a post production piece to complete. a podcast. and a live gig to put on.
out of all of them the live gig is the one i am least worried about due to having a fair amount of experience with putting on gigs, (be it set up, stage management or back of house).
the post production piece i am also not too worried about because we have been rapidly working through it as a group. we recorded all of our vocals in the first class and were ready for our mix downs on time for our second to last class. i feel this will be completed on time and very well based on how well as a group we have worked.

the final project for the audio units will be the podcast.
this one is perhaps the one i am most concerned about because it is the only assignment without the brief more or less spelling out what we need to do. its open ended and our group has a fair amount of people in it. as such it will take careful planning. i am sure that jack as our group leader and producer will ensure its final success. however making sure we stick to the idea of a podcast fully and making sure we get every guest speaker in on time and mix everything as we go.


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