Transferable skills

For this blog post i’ll be discussing the skills which are transferable from my post production intensive to other areas of audio.

Transferable skills are a necessary part of any work that we do in the audio spectrum of work. being flexible enough to utilise learning form one area to another not only makes you a better audio engineer but also makes you potentially more valuable an asset to others when working alongside them for various projects.

The primary skills i learnt from working in post production these past three weeks have been; close mic techniques, sound for film and television, and foley work.
Of these i would say the most interesting to me was the foley work because it has a large amount of potential depth within which you can create or source the sounds required.
But how are those skills from foley transferable to other areas of audio?

the most obvious answer to that is in the sound creation aspect of it. an example being, for our trailer we re dubbed we had to somehow create the sound of fire faithfully to fit the images. we tested out using a spray can and spraying it across the mic face. then when that wasn’t any good we found an ingenious way to make it by blowing onto the microphone. then using loose gravel to obtain the wood crackling sound we had our sound.  The transferability of the skills demonstrated would be the quick thinking (so we met our deadline), the problem solving, and the adherence to detail when creating a sound in emulation of a real world counterpart.

being able to take these skills into a song creation format it gives me the ability to display an ability far exceeding another potential colleague who may not have these skills.


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