nicky night time and geelong

Its been a while since i last did a blog post. i apologise for neglecting them.
i’ll be looking in this blog post at my gig down in geelong and looking at how the music scene in melbourne varies compared to the one down there.

here’s the flyer from the night.

i will admit i had no idea who the headline act was going into this gig even though i was playing after him in the main room. however, from listening to his work he appeared to be a commercial house producer. this struck me as strange considering that his music would perhaps not be played in a venue i would usually be booked for. nevertheless it made me wonder about the differences between the Melbournian and Country Victorian music scenes.

something that struck me upon my first gig at Uno two weeks prior was the distinct difference between the inside room and outside room. the inside was playing RnB and more accessible music genres, whereas the outside was playing the more “Melbourne style” sounds (tech house, techno et al). this i gathered was done strategically as not only was uno one of the only clubs in Geelong but it was also the most popular. they had to appeal to as many diverse groups as possible.
this gave me a new found respect for alternative genres. seeing the clear delineation of the crowd but also observing the combination of both was a nice experience.

The Melbourne underground music scene is vast. you could write a dissertation about it and never quite convey just how complex it is. this contrasts to the Geelong scene which, (whilst having people from all over the world coming and playing music), is still relatively new to emerging trends in music by virtue of distance from the main underground hub. as such i noticed that people were not as perhaps switched onto the “darker” styles which are so common in Melbourne or Europe for example. this however was not a negative thing in fact it put me out of my comfort zone and was incredibly cathartic.

nevertheless, the gig was a success and i have a new found respect for the Geelong scene and will undoubtedly be back in the near future.


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