DJ Pierre Workshop

a few weeks ago we had a workshop by legendary acid house producer dj Pierre (Nathaniel Pierre Jones)He helped to develop the house-music subgenre of acid house, as member of Phuture, whose 1987 EP Acid Tracks, which was called the first acid-house recording. calls Jones a crucial DJ and the production wizard partly responsible for the development of Chicago acid-house. Jones’ first single, “Generate Power,” became standard fare for scores of producers during the next few years. Philippe Renaud, a journalist for La Presse in Montreal, states that the term acid house was coined in Chicago in 1987 to describe the sound of the Roland 303 bass machine, which made its first significant recording appearance on Phuture’s Acid Trax (DJ Pierre) in that year.



He was visiting and performing the workshop alongside Roland to demonstrate the TB-3 as well as other Roland aira gear. arguably it was somewhat a sales pitch by roland, however it was intriguing to see a master of his craft at work.
a few observations i made at the event was his desire to push his instruments further than expected. as well as his drive to create an original sound from the start and still “keep it real” to his genre and style.

another intriguing thing i noticed was his custom tb-3 (shown in the above picture). i’ve been looking online since to try and find custom knobs for mine but it appears these are unique. i’d also be curious to know if he has made any other alterations to his model such as reassigning the effects anboard.

all in all it was a wonderful showcase and workshop and helped me immensely with working with my own instruments and convicted me further to add outboard gear to my own set up. perhaps one day i’ll do an all live set?


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