Post production observations

Here is our final video from the post production work.

a few observations i have made of it are to do with the sound reproduction.

i must say that we pulled it off incredibly well considering some of the sounds were incredibly hard to recreate. my personal favourites being the gunshots and the fire sound.

the gunshots are the process of multiple layers of sound. using nerf guns, bottles, people blowing into the microphones and layering different click sounds we achieved it. it took nearly an hour to get it right. but it came out wonderfully.

the final sound i am most pleased with was the fire sound we created.
we attempted to make this with spray cans which yielded less than satisfactory results.
it was by blowing on the mic, playing with gravel and layering it correctly that we achieved it.

overall i am incredibly proud of the work we did on this and think it is possibly the finest video based work i’ve participated in to date. big ups to my group for this.



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