20 minute live mix

I had to do a 20 minute like mix for my live sound class.
honestly i think it went really well. I happened to be going last which allowed me some time to observe where the others in my group went right and wrong during their mixes so that i could avoid some things.

my methodology for doing it was relatively simple. i approached it similar to my approach to mixing tunes when djing. I set my levels and gains first so they were all level to begin with. (any volume changes later could be done via the faders).
thereafter i put low pass filters on everything that needed it. and eq’d anything that needed it. this was relatively simple.

Next i levelled everything via the faders to get things sitting right in the mix. the compression and sjidechaining. once that was completed i moved onto effects or the vocals. from memory i added delay and reverb.

i finished with about 4 minutes to spare which to me says a job well done. 20 minutes is in actual fact a very short window when working with audio. one thing that helped me was to loop a single segment of the song we were mixing which had every element present in it.

it was pretty darn fun to do the mix.


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