Post mortem blog?

For this final blog, I will be looking reflectively at my project work from this trimester and analysing it alongside the key KPI’s outset in the learning guide and ascertaining the strengths and shortcomings of my performance this trimester.
The KPI’s I will be looking at are; time management skills, problem solving skills, acting as a team player and finally, working well under pressure. I have largely chosen these as they in my opinion give a suitable indication of where I feel I went right and wrong during the trimester.

Performing as a team player is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of completing any project and for the most part I would say that I was successful in achieving this across the breadth of work I took part in this trimester. The project I felt I was least successful in this was the demo project. Looking back on how much I gave back to the group I certainly could have done more. Whether that was through being present at more of the recording sessions or just offering better advice to my group. I feel I let them down due to my own short comings of not communicating effectively about the things that I was doing outside of university, alongside my time management kill invariably getting in the way. Nevertheless, I did contribute to the project and helped to get the ball rolling which I think certainly helped in the initial stages.
Conversely to this “negative” performance, was my work in post-production wherein I felt I gave my absolute all bar one day where work obligations took me away from the group. I think I not only communicated well but also aimed to help everyone in my group to achieve their goals with the project. Nonetheless, I do feel I could learn to become more accomplished at this skill.

Following on from this is “working well under pressure”.
During the trimester we all felt under pressure that is for certain. However, I feel I handled it well. The looming deadline for our podcast however was certainly something that was tough for me. Working on all the other project during the trimester I did allow the podcast to be put back in my mind. But, I successfully got all of the narration down and had all my interview work finished in time for submission. Thus I believe in some respects I am competent at working under pressure however more work does need to be done in this department.

Problem solving skills as a KPI was something I think I did well. There were a few issues which arose with some project over the course of the term. Fore mostly was trying to capture the right sounds in the post production intensive. For this I think I helped greatly with my team in selecting things to put forwards. However, I did get too wrapped up in perfecting the sounds which was time wasting in the grand scheme of the project. Another aspect of problem solving I feel I could have worked on was for the podcast project regarding the narration. My recorded vocals sound thin due to being recorded on my phone. This was in fact a solution to a problem I had encountered earlier on. The zoom recorder I was using wasn’t giving me satisfactory results audio wise and my interface at home’s noise floor is quite loud when using a mic requiring phantom powers. So I had to use the iphone voice recorder to get the voicing done. It worked however significantly more needed to be done to the recording to get it to sound similar in quality to the other recordings we had done.
all critique aside, I think I did well in this and consider it to be my strongest quality.

Time management was the last KPI I will look at and it was in my opinion my greatest shortcoming. Trying to fully juggle work and music commitments to venues, working alongside the head of iq140 on the social media side of things and University work. I just didn’t have enough time in the day to get things done.
But, that is no excuse for tardiness which I was constantly guilty of. I certainly let down my team in the demo project by being either late or unable to how up and I think that if anything should tell me that I need to reevaluate the things I am taking on and not to be afraid to say no to opportunities no matter how tempting or “important” they could be.
Conversely however, I was able to complete my work on time (for the most part), and as such that suggests that perhaps I was being too critical of myself with regards to time management.

In conclusion, there are many things I would do differently with regards to my work from this trimester.
Fore mostly I would aim to cut down on the things I am doing outside of university so that I can devote more time to the things I am doing.
I would also perhaps actually voice my concern with my tutors. Which is something I’ve never really done up until very recently. Nevertheless, the people I was working with all put in their best effort, and all in all, it was largely a success and a strong learning experience.

(i am assuming this is what was meant for post mortem?)


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