Today in the studio we were introduced to an amazing technique. Re-amping.
a brief description of Re-amping is thus;
“Re-amping is a two stage process whereby you first record a dry or clean track and then re-record the track afterwards by sending the clean tract back through your amps and effects.”

The benefits with Re-amping are tremendous: From the musician’s perspective, the best performance is usually captured when the artist is fresh. With Re-amping, you record the track and worry about the sound later. In other words, capture the performance when the musician is at his or her best. You can then take your time to move the microphones around the room, change amps or add effects as needed.

This also enables you to go back and change the sound of the track to fit the mix as the production advances. For instance you may find that a rhythm guitar track is too fat and taking up too much space in the bass region. Once you start Re-amping, there is no going back.

The cool thing about Re-amping is that once you have the track, you can hit play for hours as you move the mics around and change the amps until you get exactly what you are looking for.

In our usage of it we Re-amped our toms to give them a gritty sound. and it was phenomenal! i can’t recommend this technique any more highly. i’ve actually used it in my latest work outside of uni.


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